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Online Med-Tech Certification


Hey There! Are you ready to start a rewarding Career as a Med Tech!

Just want to go over our awesome online Med Tech program!

Our new 6 hour Med Tech class meets the 2018 Requirements for Medication Administration. The Med Tech Certification course can be completed 100% online and is recognized nationally.

Still Interested in Becoming a Med Tech?

For only $60 you can sign up for our new 6 hour Medication Technician course, and start a new career tomorrow as a certified Med Tech. Its that simple and the test, course & certificate is all included for only $60.

So what exactly do Med Techs do?

Medication Technicians prepare and administer pharmaceutical medications to patients. They also keep detailed records of the medications prescribed to patients and the side effects patients experience after receiving medications.

Medication technicians prepare and administer medications to patients. They must record the side effects each patient experiences in detailed reports. Medication technicians typically work under the supervision of nurses. Medication technicians are usually employed in assisted living facilities, drug treatment facilities, homecare careers and more.

There is strong, growing demand for medication technicians. Job growth is expected for technicians across the next few years and employment is anticipated to jump by 15 percent in the years to come.

Med-Tech Course

New 6 hour Med Tech class meets 2018 requirements for Med Tech Training. This course is designed for unlicensed students to assist patients in Home Care and Assisted Living settings with self-administration of medications. Students will learn proper handling techniques and be proficient in reading prescription labels. Just Click Enroll Course to get started Today.

Online Med-Tech 6 hour Medication Assist

*Includes Med Tech Test, Med Tech Class, & Med Tech Certification